Tampa Lawsuit

Recently, over 300 people in the Tampa, Florida area have filed a class-action lawsuit against parties involved in the aerial pesticide applications in that area.  I recently met with the lawyers involved in this lawsuit and was informed that they are helping people who have not only been harmed severely by the aerial pesticide applications (apparent long term effects upon the nervous or immune system and birth defects), but are also helping people who have had less severe exposures (including shorter periods of nausea, immune system weakening, or who may have had to relocate because of the spraying).

We would like to locate individuals in Brevard county who believe their health has been worsened by the county's mosquito spray program.   For example, recently, we received an email from someone in Vero Beach who became violently ill after being "accidentally sprayed" with the pesticide permethrin from a mosquito control truck while jogging along the sidewalk.  This required a trip to the hospital. 

If you live in Brevard County and have become ill from any mosquito control chemicals or detected any subtle health symptoms the day following exposure (from flu like symptoms to neurological effects - please let us know by contacting us at [email protected] so we can keep you up-to-date on topics you may find of interest.

Thank You