Information compiled by Richard W. Pressinger (M.Ed)
(also a father of a vaccine damaged child)

There has been considerable debate over the safety of childhood vaccinations.  While the medical community (who receive significant financial compensation for administering the shots) say they are safe, over the past several decades there has been increasing research showing that vaccines for some children, may in fact result in a variety of negative side effects from neurological attrition to even death.  Although the death of a child resulting from vaccines is very rare, the risk of negative neurological effects are in fact much higher.  Below is just a touch of the research showing the harmful effects of vaccinations.  While the health risk information is not volunteered  by pediatricians and the medical community (for obvious reasons), it is information that parents need to know so that you, as a parent, can make a decision based on all the facts. 

My first son, Ryan, was vaccinated a number of times during the usual suggested time periods.   However, on one occasion, several hours following a diphtheria/measles shot in 1996, he immediately stopped his typical "cooing" (always common throughout the day) and also immediately stopped his normal rolling movements while in the crib.  These daily behaviors never returned to their normal pre-vaccination levels.   Today, Ryan suffers from a language impairment and is receiving services for this from the local public school.    The fact that this began within hours after the vaccination, along with similar observations from other parents of vaccinated children, certainly suggests this is far more than coincidence, and is in fact, a  direct consequence of the vaccination ingredients.   It should be noted that some children may be more vulnerable to vaccination harm than others due to subtle inherent weaknesses in immune system processes and liver enzyme detoxification efficiency (which filter and metabolize vaccination ingredients).

We strongly recommend that individuals wishing to learn more about "the other side of the coin" regarding this serious public health issue contact Dr. Jeff Bradstreet to receive an informative packet of information on the links between vaccinations and adverse health effects.  Topics covered include -  abnormal immune system parameters after vaccinations - increases in autoantibodies (which literally "attack" neurological tissue in the brain) and other negative health consequences.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD
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On another note, My second son, has not had vaccinations and is by far the healthiest one in our family.  For more information on the politics of vaccinations we recommend you read Phyllis Schlafly's article from the link below.  We will also be adding more information to this web site regarding published research linking vaccinations with adverse health effects.